Need a Website ?
Need a Website ?

Need a Website ?

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Wanting to start your business and you don’t know how to make a website ? I build websites using Shopify, you tell me your brands colors, theme, vision, audience and send me your products, prices and mock-ups…I’ll do the rest! You will get a full functioning ready to go website back with legals, shipping and return policy done. I will be in back and forth contact with you to make sure your website is coming out how you envisioned it! 

My price does include Shopify’s start up fee of $80 which will turn into a monthly fee of $80 with Shopify to keep your website running. I will contact you so we can start the website platform. As well as Shopify’s $120 website theme fee & Domain fee which is included in my price.

 After building your website I will send you an email with videos on how to manage your Shopify website so that you can guide yourself when updating your inventory and prices. Full tutorial’s will be available to you. 

Building a Website takes time and is very tedious, I also want you to have your perfect website that you love! So fulfillment time will be a One week process, after that we will go over the website together to make sure everything is to your liking and update anything you need. 

Let’s get you started so you can start sending people your website and expanding your business ! 

P.S. 👀 I’m sooo Happy for you that you did what most don’t and that’s become an entrepreneur and believe in yourself! Keep going, keep growing & keep building your business! 😈 You’re the Black Sheep 🐑 keep being Fye 🔥🔥! 



I have had many waist trainers since I was 17; and, Woah Waist feels the absolute best!

Justevia Lewis

My Woah Waist is so comfy; I fell asleep in it. I love that its covers my love handles, fupa, and upper back armpit area. Alot of Waist trainers don't cover all those areas, but Woah Waist does! I can't wait to be snatched for the summertime!

Breshai Wilder

I love my Woah Waist Trainer, I've already noticed a HUGE difference! My posture is better, my waist is snatched, and I can tell its helping my workout! Soo comfortable as well, I definitely recommend!


I love my Waist Trainer, Woah Waist is definitely where I'm staying. I've traded in my J Sculpt and I'm putting on my Woah Waist. So comfy yet effective for this NO WAIST Summer 2021! I'm Sooo excited and Happy.

Mich'aela M

Woah cam‼️@iammichaelamonique

caught Micha’ela in her woah waist

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