What in the World is Woah Beauty ‼️💖

Heyy Beauty, super excited that you're here and wanting to know a little about myself and Brand. First, I would like to say Thank you for your support and belief in me it means so much! Also pause for a second because love you're Beautiful and you leave a little glitter everywhere you go.

Well beauty I am a regular small town girl; yeah yeah typical description lol but its true Deland, FL is my hometown. Born and raised a girl didn't have it easy but that never stopped me from believing; or playing dress up in my moms clothes and smearing red lipstick all over my moms face while she was sleep! What can I say I've always had a passion for Fashion. Well All Things Beauty but not just Beauty everything that comes with it. I've been really studying into Ayurveda for about three years, I definitely love the teachings. Just to know that the natural herbs from the ground can essentially realign our bodies, grow our hair, magnify the glow of our skin, help with health, turn into cosmetics, esthetics, reverse grey hair and so much more. What you put in your body comes out through you detox pathways which are your liver, colon and skin. So I am a full believer in if you don't take care of your temple, your temple won't look so nice on the outside. 

 January 2020 I was weighing in at 300lbs, I wasn't happy at all. I was the most insecure confident person you would ever have met. My skin was not good, I was breaking out in cystic acne all the time, dark marks everywhere, my hair wasn't growing, nails had white spots throughout my nail bed; lets just say my body was not okay. Also TMI but I was prone to UTI's and the other one.. I know embarrassing but that's what can happen when your body is out of balance.  I've always struggled with health conditions that caused me to deal with these things but 2019-2020 everything seemed to get worse. I had a personal trainer, working out 5 days a week and still NOTHING. I then went on a serious hunt to figure out what was happening and I remembered all that I was studying about Ayurveda. That is when my passion and purpose collided. I love helping others see their beauty, feel their beauty, believe in their beauty and know that they are beauty. I had lost all hope in myself, my body and my beauty and I was in a pretty dark place but 2020 was life changing for me. Now I want to help others fall back in love with themselves. 


Woah Beauty is something that someone once told me because they seen all my talents and gifts. They told me to never lose them, and never view them as burdensome. I love everything Health and Beauty, from Transforming your face with makeup to informing you that white eggs are bleached or that the Pitta Dosha is related to heat and breakouts and if you're breaking out you need to balance your body with cooling foods like cucumbers or aloe. I love using natural hair products, skin products, as well as Gluten free flour and Ghee butter or Einkorn flour. There is soo much more but beauties I could sit here all day and type! This is where my Brand stemmed from a small town girl that was called fat pizza face throughout school, a small girl that was always told she was the ugly duckling, a small town girl that HATES bullying! Growing up I was always nice to everyone because we are all equal you're my sisters and brothers. I walk down the street and I will give everyone a compliment from the heart because life is already too hard and painful so why not point out some positive truths. I want to give my beauties a safe space that you can come chill with no makeup on and actually feel beautiful inside and out. You make your Reality, so love, the false reality that your skin will never glow, or your cystic acne will never go away, or your hair won't be luxurious needs to get thrown out the window. Woah Beauty will be formulating and bringing to you All Natural Vegan Health, Skincare, and Hair care products. I am very picky about what I use, and put into my body so just know I will only bring the best to you! 

I love you beauty and all your support! I appreciate all that you are and I want you to lookin the mirror and do the same. We are BEAUTY, let's Glow, Let's Grow & Let's Elevate!

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